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The Essence Of Your True Self!


The Essence Of Your True Self!

It's well said and very true that organizations are made and achieve success as per the values instilled in their main resource which is the human resource. 

Every company consists of a separate human resource department that looks after its employees' needs, solves problems, designs self-awareness programs, copes with stress, etc. as per my given thoughts I feel the HR department of any organization plays a key role in shaping the future of its employees. 

When you go for a job search, it’s the HR department interviewing and then they have an expert panel that will check on your skills, spoken English, your expertise and you will be not surprised to know that they have counselors and psychiatrists too that will check on emotional quotient of a person. 

But why do they need to check on the emotional quotient when a person fulfills all other criteria one may argue, perhaps, maybe the emotional count will ensure them of your productivity or your behavior in the organization.

Organizations spend millions of dollars each year to train their new staff, then comes their training fees, then their stipend, etc. so its but obvious for them to check on the background of the person joining them, whether he or she is really going to continue with them for a longer period but we often see there is a high amount of attrition in bigger companies. 

But the part is negligible in comparison to the earnings for the organization. Now let's come to our main hot topic of discussion today which is the idea of self-awareness. When can a person say he is fully aware of himself, the term self-realization is a synonym for self-awareness, often organizations teach their employees to be self-aware, now what does that mean in real terms?

What is Self-Awareness?

Self-awareness, some of you might already have the answer but please hold on for some time. Self-awareness for some might be a new concept, but it’s a very old concept that is gradually making important in the corporate industry just to make employees more active and responsible for the work they are doing. 

We see teamwork in big companies, it's not “I” that gains importance here its “WE” that are more powered to achieve the targets.  The self-awareness sessions mostly consist of subject topics like your company, your work, your designation, the process, what you will gain by working diligently, and what is your main target here. 

(Please input more points for my readers) when a person is fully aware of himself, then can he concentrate on achieving other goals in life and especially his career goals.

The idea of self-awareness runs into much deeper concepts of spiritualism through which a human can achieve happiness in life but when you look from the organizational point of view it just means to be aware of your work, your office environment, and how you can overcome stress. 

We all go through some stressful times in our life but we can overcome them by knowing and out of the reasons behind the stress and eighty percent you will find you are responsible for the stress that engulfs your life system. So becoming aware of your responsibility is of prime important and there will never be any stressful situations in your life.

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